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Marty Gaul, Heinen’s Seafood Buyer & Merchandiser

Meet Marty Gaul. She knows seafood and she’s not afraid to show it!
What is your favorite seafood dish?
I really love grilled Verlasso Salmon topped with some of our Lemon Dill Sauce. It’s everything a seafood dish should be.

Where have you traveled in search of great seafood?
We really go to great distances to source the freshest, best tasting seafood. We’ve traveled all over the country including Boston, Maine, Virginia and even Alaska.

What’s your take on wild versus farm-raised?
I believe that farm raising seafood is necessary to preserve the oceans and environment for future generations. At Heinen’s we take pride in only selling farm raised seafood that is responsibly raised and sourced.

Name a few ingredients that are always in your kitchen.
Of course I have to have Heinen’s Lemon Dill Sauce but I almost always have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and Verlasso Salmon.

As someone who knows so much about seafood, what is the question you get asked the most?
The farm raised versus wild question comes up often, I respond the same way as I did above adding that it is all about knowing your sources and doing the right thing for our customers, company and environment.