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Snowville Creamery

Milk the way it used to be

Snowville Creamery milk comes from cows that are pasture grazed without the use of growth hormones, and the result is a sweet, rich milk that we love. At Snowville Creamery they believe that milk is perfect as it is from the cow, so it is processed as little as possible and pasteurized at a low level, which results in milk that tastes sweet, clean and delicious.

Snowville milk comes from 11 different highly respected southern Ohio dairy farms. All herds graze freely and are fed a natural grass diet, resulting in milk that is high in heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Their milk is never homogenized and the cream naturally rises to the top – skim the cream off the top or shake the carton well before you pour a glass.

Snowville milk and cream products are packaged in cardboard containers, better protecting the product while helping to reduce waste.