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Heinen's Fresh Cut Fruits
It happens right in our stores. Unlike most other pre-cut fruits on the market, we still slice, dice and pare our fruit on the premises. We’re not adding preservatives, either. You should think of us as your source for fresh, fresh-cut fruit. 

Heinen's Fresh Squeezed Orange and Grapefruit Juice
We’ve been squeezing oranges since 1948. That’s when Joe Heinen returned from a grocer’s convention with the fresh idea of making orange juice right in the stores. Then, grapefruit juice lovers demanded equal squeezing time, so we started that as well. Now we doubt we’ll ever stop. It’s just too good. 

Heinen's Fresh-Ground Nut Butters
Our Heinen’s fresh-ground peanut butter made its in-store debut in 1960. The recipe was simple and remains the same today: take roasted peanuts, add nothing else and grind. Extraordinary taste and texture. No wonder it has such a loyal following! Almond butter and chocolate peanut butter are also available.

Heinen's Fruit and Gift Baskets

Our thoughtfully designed Fruit and Gift Baskets make a most-appreciated gift for your family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. Choose from our pre-made selections or customize your own basket. To order, contact your local Heinen's Produce Department.