Say Hello To Catie Cantrell, Bainbridge Heinen’s Meat Manager

How long have you been with Heinen’s?
I’ve been with Heinen’s for two years. I started in the meat department and have been the meat manager for about a year and a half.

Name a few ingredients that are always in your kitchen.
I always have garlic, onion and rosemary around. They help me take even boring ingredients and make a great meal.

Do you cook?
I love to cook and grill. My favorite thing to grill is the strip steak. I like to keep it simple with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Recently my husband and I are hooked on the Niman Ranch pork chops.

What are the top sellers at the Heinen’s meat counter?
Our customers like a lot of roasts. The shoulder roast is very popular here; it’s pretty forgiving when customers cook it, so they always have a great eating experience.

What question are you asked the most?
We’re asked how to cook things and what cuts are best for what the customer wants to make. That’s a really good question for them to ask us because we know the answer, and we can help them go home and make a great dish!

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