Say Hello to Beth Samora, Hudson Heinen’s Floral Manager

How long have you been with Heinen’s?
I have been with Heinen’s seven years now. I started out part time at the Brecksville store, finished up school, graduated school then was offered a lead position.

Name a few ingredients that are always in your kitchen.
Flour, sugar, butter, eggs. I bake a lot so I always have that kind of stuff!

Do you garden?
I do, both container gardening and I have a few small flowerbeds. This past year we put in a new patio so my husband built some flower boxes and I built a raised vegetable garden out of bricks. I also have containers on the patio that I fill seasonally.

What are the top sellers in the floral department?
The Just Add Ice orchids are a real hot item. Our 3 for $12 bunches are always an awesome item – people can’t believe you can get big bunches of flowers for $4!

What question are you asked the most?
I’m mainly asked about the care of plants – especially orchids. The orchids are nice and easy since all you have to do is add ice. People also always ask is the 3 for $12 bunches are really 3 for $12.

Do you have a favorite flower?
Hydrangeas. I think they’re beautiful and I used them as centerpieces at my wedding. I had white, blue and green hydrangeas in a big vase. I’ve just always been really fond of them because they make a statement.

What’s the best part of your job?
I’m actually doing something I love. I love taking care of plants – I went to school for floral design and marketing.  When customers ask me questions, I can interact with them better because I have a passion for it. It’s great being able to talk to other plant lovers.

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