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#Heinen’sHealthyLiving: Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D.- A Wealth of Wellness Knowledge

There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with a commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle. The key to making lasting improvements to your health is to make simple changes that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. From locally grown produce and meats to healthier deli, dairy and grocery solutions; and from vitamins, supplements and essential oils to an array of diet and lifestyle coaching and wellness events, Heinen’s has everything you need to make simple, yet effective changes to your overall health.

For seven years a source of inspiration behind Heinen’s Wellness Centers and Educational Programs has been our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D. As a fourth generation Appalachian root doctor, herbalist, and a medical doctor, Dr. Todd is an expert on the relationship between plants and people in sustaining wellness. He uses his expertise in a holistic way to guide our customers toward longevity and vital living through healthful dietary and lifestyle practices—specifically in making smart food and supplement choices through simple strategies.

Dr. ToddDr. Todd believes in the philosophy that grocery stores are the doctor’s offices of the future. He has blended his passion and purpose for healthful living in a meaningful way by bringing his expertise from decades of international travel and field research to Heinen’s. His informational and interactive in-store programs, such as The Grocery Cart Makeover and 21 Day Fresh Start, as well as his guidance on the best-in-class products have made our stores’ Wellness Departments destinations and a key point of difference compared to other retailers.

Dr. Todd speaking to Heinen's customers at an event

The struggle that we currently face when it comes to wellness, according to Dr. Todd, is that any doctor will tell us that we should eat healthfully, but most fail at teaching us how to do so. To help people peruse healthful diet and lifestyles and make simple changes to promote wellness, Dr. Todd wrote Eat Yourself Super (available at your local Heinen’s). His book educates people on leading a balanced lifestyle with a focus on superfoods and healthful, smart- supplementation. He sees it as his social responsibility to make the world a better place by helping people understand how easy and delicious it can be to live healthfully by eating super.

Produce and healthy snacks on a tableBut Dr. Todd doesn’t just want you to know what to purchase during your next grocery visit, he wants you to know how to prepare it too, because eating super should taste super. The second half of his book contains simple and easy recipes like Kale Sauté (which he is demoing in our Hudson store in January, see below) and Spinach Mushroom Barley Risotto that are not only nutritious and delicious, but family friendly as well. His mantra is that it is not only easy, but also delicious to eat healthfully and therefore be healthy!

Although eating super may seem daunting, Dr. Todd assures us that leading a healthy lifestyle starts “one bite at a time” with simple changes. These changes do not necessarily require eliminating things from your lifestyle initially; rather start with incorporating healthy items and making good choices. Begin with simple changes like adding leafy greens (a superfood) to your grocery basket, reading labels to monitor your fat and sugar intake, taking a daily probiotic supplement or clearing your mind of toxic thoughts at the end of the day. Simply knowing where your food comes from is another small change that makes a huge difference to your overall health, and Heinen’s on-going commitment to sourcing products from local farmers and grower families makes this change easy.

With the New Year officially here, we want to bring more of Dr. Todd’s inspirational wellness advice to you through his personal in-store seminars and workshops. Make sure to stop by one of Dr. Todd’s events (see list below) and make 2018 the year of simple, healthful living.

To learn more about Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D., please visit his practice website and blog at and

Upcoming Events with Dr. Todd

  • Tuesday, April 24, 2018; 6-7pm- Cupboard Makeover
    • Heinen’s of Mayfield Village- 860 SOM Center Road Mayfield Village, OH 44143- (440) 449-4478

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