Shake Up Your Dinner Routine with Heinen’s Fall Gourmet Case

If you find yourself craving a hardy fall meal, you will be thrilled with the new seasonal items featured in Heinen’s Gourmet Case. Filled with a wide assortment of prepared entrees and sides featuring fan favorites like Chicken Romano and Twice Baked Potatoes as well as new seasonal additions including Short Rib Ravioli with Mushrooms and Chicken Marsala, the Heinen’s Gourmet Case has become a dinner favorite.

So what makes Heinen’s prepared foods so special? We chatted with our Director of Prepared Foods and she has a list of unique qualities.

It is restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home.
Sometimes all we want in the evenings is a restaurant style meal without the hassle of actually going to a restaurant. Heinen’s Gourmet Case makes this a reality. Each prepared food item is guaranteed to meet restaurant quality standards.

Quality ingredients and sourcing is guaranteed.
When you take home an item from Heinen’s Gourmet case you know that you will enjoy a meal that is great tasting and good for you. Made with no additives or preservatives, we pride ourselves on knowing that our customers will be able to understand everything on the label.

There is always something new.
Heinen’s Prepared Foods team is constantly coming up with new items to compliment the fan favorites in the Gourmet Case. You will notice changes in your case about four times a year featuring new seasonal dishes selected by each store. If you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options, our Director of Prepared Foods recommends the new Butter Chicken Samosa with Mango Date Chutney and Black Bean & Cheese Empanada with Chimichurri Sauce. You’re Prepared Food Team at your local Heinen’s will have pairing recommendations as well.

Special requests are honored.
Whether you are hosting a gathering or simply stocking up on a few delicious prepared foods, Heinen’s Gourmet Case is happy to take a special request. If the item is currently in the case, simply call the store and let them know what you need. If the item is not currently in the case there is a  minimum purchase requirement of 3 pounds. Call ahead and your favorite prepared foods will be ready for you to enjoy within 24 hours.

A simple finishing technique.
For best results, place prepared food item in oven safe dish and place in cold oven. Set oven to 350 degrees.  Once oven reaches 350 degree temperature your meal will be ready! If an item is dense, like our favorite Twice Baked Potatoes, you will need to slice and shingle it to reheat appropriately in the same manner.

Now, when you find that dinner time sneaks up on you, or you’re simply craving a restaurant quality meal without the hassle, you can rest assured that Heinen’s Gourmet Case has delicious and healthy dishes that will please the whole family.

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