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Say Hello to Paul Seman, Chardon Grocery Manager

How long have you been with Heinen's?
It’s about three and a half years now.

Have you always worked in the Grocery Department?
Here at Heinen’s? Yes. And then we can even go back to when I was 16 years old and a student at Benedictine High School. I started at Pick- N- Pay back then. I was with them for 33 years.

What’s your favorite part about working in the Grocery Department?
I like it because you get to touch all the bases. I dabble in a bit of everything because it ties into all of the other departments. There’s 40,000 to 50,000 items, so there’s a lot to choose from!

Can you name a product or two you like to introduce people to?
Oh gee, there are so many things. For example, we just did a demo on BoomChickaPop popcorn. It’s a great snack with minimal ingredients--the sea salt variety has only three. That helps me personally—I need to find healthy snacks. I’m a label reader.

I also like the Alvarado St. Bakery breads. They’re great and lower in carbs than regular breads. They have an entire line of products, including a diabetic bread.

So you try to be a healthy eater. Name some foods we’d always find in your kitchen.
  • Healthy cereal—one with not too much sugar
  • Lots of fruits--love watermelon
  • Lots of unsweetened tea
  • Chicken or chops on the grill
  • Yogurt

You say that Heinen’s has been a life changer for you. How so?
The first week I started, I was sick. By that Friday, I had to tell my manager I needed get to the doctor. I was diagnosed with diabetes and was hospitalized. Of course, I was worried about my new job. My manager said, “Paul, you’re with Heinen’s now. We’ll take care of you.”

That’s what’s special about this company. They really, really care. I always tell this story to new hires. Once you put this blue shirt on, you’re one of us.


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