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Fresh Squeezed Juice

In all of our stores, we are squeezing oranges and grapefruits daily to offer our customers the best tasting and most wholesome juice available. Heinen’s is proud that we are the only retailer in the Cleveland area that provides this service!

Perfect Pairing

We love using a little of our fresh orange juice to deglaze the pan after sauteing or roasting chicken or fish.  It imparts a delicious orange flavor to a quick pan sauce for the main course.

To deglaze your pan, simply remove the meat to a serving platter or plate and add the juice to the pan.  Return the pan to high heat, and bring the juice to a boil while stirring and scraping all of those luscious browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Continue boiling and stirring the sauce until it is reduced slightly and becomes thick.

Try drizzling over fish or chicken for a refreshing, healthy and unbelievably delicious meal!