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Say Hello To Jim Fracasso, Brecksville Dairy/Frozen Manager

When did you start working for Heinen's?
15 years ago, as of May.

Where did you start out?
At our Warehouse One, working in the big freezers. My day started early--ten minutes to four in the morning.

I remember meeting Tom Heinen for the first time at the Warehouse. I’d won a truck from the Indians and he saw me and said, “Hey! You’re the guy who won the truck!”

Okay. You won a truck from the Indians?
Yes. They’d raffled off a truck. Must have been about 2001. I was one of the 35,000 entrants who signed up on the internet. Turned out I was the grand prize winner.

So what was that like?
It was so cool. Opening Day. I got to be on the field before the game. That’s where they presented me with the truck. It was a white Ford F150. All of the players autographed it with a paint pen. Most of them chatted with me.

Who were some of the players who autographed your truck?
Jim Thome was the big one to me. And Charlie Manuel was the manager. He and Thome talked to me for about five minutes about going fishing and hunting with a truck like that. Omar was still with the team. And Bartolo Colon was the pitcher that day.

Then they also gave me tickets for a game about six weeks later. That’s when I came to pick up the truck because they had to put a protective seal over the signatures and decals. There I was, driving out of the ball park from behind the left field wall. Just cruising down the highway—what a feeling!

Still driving it?
No. Sold it almost right away and put it on my mortgage.

So back to your job. When did you move from the warehouse to the stores?
About October 2001. I went to Green Road as a dairy clerk, then to Aurora for about three weeks where I was promoted to Dairy Manager. From there I was in Willoughby and then in Strongsville for that opening. I’ve been here five years

What’s your favorite part about your job these days?
My biggest thing is that I love talking to the customers about the new products.

If we opened your home refrigerator, what’s the one product we’d always find?
Hartzler Milk. It’s my favorite but I’ll drink Snowville in a pinch.

Gone on a good vacation lately?
This past March, I went to Phoenix for Indian’s spring training. My first time. Now that was fun!


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