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Specialty Cheese

Cheese Plate Made Easy

When entertaining guests, assembling a cheese platter is simple when you follow these guidelines:

How much should you buy?
Type of party and when the cheese will be served will dictate how much of each cheese you will need. 
• With cocktails: 5-6 oz. per person
• Before dinner: 4-6 oz. per person
• Appetizer Course: 3-4 oz. per person
• Cheese Plate 2-3 oz. per person

Select 3-6 cheeses that vary in shape, size and color for a visually interesting platter. For instance, Petit Basque, fresh crottin, Langres, Barely Buzzed and Heinen’s Hand-Selected Gorgonzola create a nice flight.

Contrasting textures
Choose cheeses from soft and runny to firm and crumbly. For example, a ripe piece of Gorgonzola Dolce, Gruyere, Vintage Aged Gouda and Burrata would create nice textural contrast on a cheese platter.

Milk Type
Select cheeses made from the three main milk types: goat, sheep and cow. Coupole, Lamb Chopper and Prairie Breeze are great choices.

Select cheeses that have varying flavor profiles from mild to strong.

You might choose to develop a theme around your presentation such as serving all Spanish cheeses, all goat cheeses, or cheeses by the same cheesemaker.

Jazz up your presentation with seasonal fruits, nuts, dried fig cake, membrillo and, perhaps, honey. Baguette, fresh figs and dried apricots are simple additions that complement all cheese types. A selection of olives, roasted peppers and tomatoes are a good match for goat and sheep milk cheeses.

Before Serving
Remove your cheeses from the refrigerator in time for them to come to room temperature (approximately 1 ½ hours before party time). Keep the cheeses wrapped until ready to serve.

Serving utensils
Use a different knife or spoon for each cheese.