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Meet Nicole Spinazze at the Heinen's in Avon!

When did you start working for Heinen's and what was your job?
I started working here last August. I was a part time wellness consultant. When the full time consultant retired, I took this position.

When do you think you first became interested in wellness?
That’s my background. I have a degree in nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, so I get to utilize that in my job. In the classroom, one learns about formulating diet plans, but you don’t usually get to see someone putting it into action. Here, I get to be right with a person as they’re making choices about a product. I really like that.

Do you have a personal favorite from the Wellness Department products?
We carry a gluten-free pasta made by Explore Asian. It’s made from beans. It comes very close to the consistency of normal pasta. It kind of looks like a spinach pasta—it’s that color green. It’s a great side dish. One of our store consultants suggested tossing it with sun dried tomatoes and using the olive oil from those as a dressing. Add some garlic and red onions, too. It’s great!

Do you cook?
For the most part, yes. I find a lot of recipes online and then I start altering them. Love doing that.

Name some ingredients you’d always have on hand.
Let’s see. I’m Italian, so there’s always garlic and tomatoes, basil and zucchini. I throw these in lots of dishes. And I love cooking fish. I do a lot of tilapia. It’s such a mild fish and budget-wise, it works for me.

Can you share a few healthy snacks or tips with us?
  • Myself, I like to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. Snap peas--I just put them in Garlic Expressions in the morning and by the afternoon, they’re great. Just grab a fork; you don’t even need to cook them.
  • For a lunch salad, I saw this trick on Pinterest. Take a mason jar and put salad dressing in first (maybe about 1 / 4 inch). Then I’ll add some sliced chicken, zucchini, tomatoes, maybe a layer of cheddar cheese. Then a lettuce and spinach mixture at top so it doesn’t get soggy. When you serve it, the chicken and veggies have marinated and the greens are freshly dressed.
  • KIND Bars—I like these because they’re made with nuts and seeds. There are two different types, so it depends what sort of mood I’m in. One type has nuts and is sweetened with maple syrup, so it has a lower glycemic index than other bars. Then there’s a box of five bars that are made with grains—different ones that you might not normally get in your diet, like amaranth, quinoa, and millet. I like the vanilla one. It’s great!


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