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Say Hello To Holly Wolfe, Brecksville Heinen's Floral Lead

How long have you been with Heinen's?
I started back in 2003 when I was in high school and then continued to work part-time through college. I would work for a stretch of time, and then head back to school. I studied fashion merchandising at Kent State University. I came aboard full time at Heinen’s in 2009 when I graduated.

What’s one of your favorite part about working in the Floral Department?
For me, this is the most creative department. It’s a place where I definitely can use my merchandising skills. I also love to work with color blocking- I use that all of the time here-- when I choose flowers and plants to set up displays. It’s also really helpful when customers want help with their selections—maybe they’re planning a shower or wedding, or a special party.

What are some top sellers in your department?
Our half dozen roses—always! No matter what, they just fly out of here The orchids we get from Oberlin. We have them all year round. Lots of people think orchids are hard to raise. Honestly, they’re very simple. Give them three ice cubes once a week, and some ambient light. The blooms are gorgeous and can last up to six months.

Then there’s our 3 for $12 program. That’s really popular! Customers can buy one bunch of flowers for $4, two for $8 and three for $12. We display the bouquets in color blocks, so it’s really easy to shop. And yes, you get to mix and match.

Do you have a favorite item in the department?
I love the wildflower and garden-y kind of look. In the fall, we get these freshly cut dahlias from Hensbury Farm in Waite Hill. I just love them! It’s such a short season, so you have to get them while you can!

What’s a dream trip for you?

That’s easy! When I was at KSU, I spent four months studying in Florence, Italy. That was six years ago. There’s a place called Cinque Terre, a little area of five towns. It was just amazing! It’s by the Mediterranean. We swam in the sea, ate at so many cute little restaurants… I want to go back!


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