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Say Hello to Nathan Wiese, Bannockburn Heinen's Produce Manager.

When did you start working for Heinen's and what was your job?
I started in August, 2012. That’s when we opened our Barrington store. The produce manager at Barrington was my manager at my previous job here in town—I’m from Chicago.

And now you’re Produce Manager at our Bannockburn store?
Yes. And it’s been a lot of fun. After opening Barrington, I helped open the Glenview store. And now Bannockburn. I’ve really enjoyed setting things up, building all of those special displays, making everything look good. Everyone’s so happy when they walk into the store--and into our produce department.

What do you enjoy introducing your customers to?
Right now as we’re talking, it’s definitely the stone fruit. It’s the peak of the season—and the fruit is from the local farmers that we work with. I’ve had a chance to visit a few of the growers and that’s been fun.

Do you have a personal favorite in the Produce Department?
Right now we have Amish grown tomatoes. I could take those things and just eat them out of hand—no salt, no nothing. Love them! And then the plumcots—another favorite of mine. They’re a cross of plum and apricot, so you get the sweetness of the apricot with the texture of the plum.

Are you a cook?
Yes, I do cook at home. One of my specialties is homemade salsa—I have a salsa maker that you hand turn. I like really, really hot salsa, so I’m using more kinds of peppers than you’d ever imagine.

Tell us about ingredients we’d always find in your home kitchen.
  • Fresh peppers, all kinds—the hotter the better
  • Tomatoes, always
  • Tons of spices because that’s where it’s at for me
  • Onions—I always have onions.
  • And spinach. I do a lot with it.

So you’re from Chicago. What’s your choice: deep dish pizza or Italian beef?
Mine’s the pizza.


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