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Say Hello to Bob Coleman, Rocky River Heinen's Produce Manager.

How long have you been with Heinen’s?

It’s been ten years—and they’ve flown by. Started in Rocky River, then went to the Avon store. Now I’m back here at Rocky River.

Have you always worked in the Produce Department?

Yes. And actually, I have a total of 34 years in produce. I worked at Rini’s, too—but it really all began when I was walking home from school one day.

How’d that happen?

I was in high school at St. Ed’s and I’d take the bus home to Brooklyn. Me and my buddy would get off and walk past Parkway Market. It was located across the road from Memphis Kiddie Park. A guy called out, “Are you looking for a job?” I got it.

What was that like?

That was back in the day when a semi would pull up with a load of watermelon or pumpkins. We’d have a team of three or four guys, pitching those melons. Believe me, we lost a few, but it wasn’t so bad. We’d get to eat those.

Another thing I learned at Parkway was how to set up a nice display and merchandise the fruits and vegetables.

What’s a favorite thing about your job?

I really like the change of seasons and the different produce it brings. Right now we’re into peaches, plums, nectarines, melons—all the good summer stuff. Then in winter there’s citrus, with the fall comes the apples. Really makes it fun for merchandising.

Do you cook?

Yes I do. With four kids you learn to. If nothing else, I can always do spaghetti and meatballs.

Name some items we’d usually find in your fridge.
  • Watermelon. Love it. Got it in the fridge right now
  • Ice cream
  • Orange juice
  • Grapes


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