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Say Hello To Beanie Scott, Mayfield Village Heinen's Deli

How long have you been with Heinen’s?
This will make my 11th year in August.

How did you happen to start here?
An employee who worked in the office told me there was an opening in floral. I applied, but I was a day late—the position was filled. The manager, Neil Ferran, told me there was a deli opening. I pretty much told him no—or at least I tried to. He told me to give it a week. I really liked it because it was so fast paced. Now I love it.

Have you always worked in deli?
Well, as far our store went, we didn’t only do just one department. I worked deli, gourmet, I did the rotisserie chickens and the pizza... I even worked in the bakery for a while.

You say you didn’t last long in seafood?
I worked there for just one morning. Then I found out I was allergic to the fish oils. I had a big reaction— swelling, rash. That was the end of me working in seafood!

Do you have a favorite deli item you like to introduce customers to?
I have so many elderly customers who have to reduce their sodium intake, so my favorite is to tell them about the uncured ham and the uncured pastrami. It helps them. I appreciate that Heinen’s is going that way—with those healthy choices.

Do you cook at home?
All the time.

Name some things we’d always find in your kitchen.
  • Heinen’s milk, butter and eggs. I’ve done all the others and they just don’t stand up. And it’s not because I work here. I’m telling you they don’t stand up.
  • Heinen’s bread. I’m hooked on that.
  • Heinen’s Beef. Love our beef. No one else can do it. I’m telling you, there is a difference!

So when you cook, what’s your specialty?
Beef stew. And I buy those small steaks. The Delmonico steaks. I cook them up in the morning with eggs and cheese…a little mushrooms. Oh my gosh! You have to try it.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?
No. My cooking’s straight off the head. I can cook anything, but don’t ever ask me to bake! I even tried baking biscuits—no one wants them. You don’t believe me? I’ll bring one for you. You’ll see!

How’d you get the nickname Beany?
That was my father, God bless his soul. I was a tiny little baby—and my brothers would drag me around in one of those old wooden crates that green beans came in. My father would say, “Here comes my little bean!” And it just stuck.


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