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Say Hello To Christine Harvey, Chardon Heinen's Sales Lead

When did you start working for Heinen's and what was your job?
I started on December 1, 2007. I was hired as a par-time deli clerk at the Willoughby store. From there I went on to become the deli assistant and then the cheese specialist. After a year or two I was ready for a change, so I started being trained as a manager. I had great mentors that taught me along the way.

What is your favorite part about working in the deli?
There are quite a few things that I like. The people I work with are #1. I build great relationships with them. In becoming a sales lead, seeing the behind the scenes of how we're changing and growing to meet the needs of the customer is exciting.

Do you cook at home?
Oh yes. I love to cook comfort foods, traditional recipes. I make a killer chicken pot pie. :)

What are 5 ingredients that are always in your kitchen?
1. Pillsbury pie crust. I use it for dumplings and all kinds of things. You can do anything with it.
2. I always have Turkey-off-the-Bone and Heinen’s Roast Beef. I can make hot turkey dinner with the turkey or cheesesteak with our roast beef. It's so super awesome good!
3. Tons of cheese. Practically every sandwich I make for my kids has cheese on it. Their favorite is the Two Brothers Smoked Gouda.
4. Frozen vegetable steamers. They're so easy and fast. I use them in my pot pie!
5. Garlic Expressions Dressing. I always have 2 bottles in the cupboard and one in the fridge. I use it for salads, marinades. I love products that can be used in a lot of different ways.

It's your day off. What are up doing?
Grocery shopping (at Heinen's, of course), errands, doctor’s appointments for my kids, catching up on housework, your normal stuff.


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