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Say Hello To Colleen Farkas, Aurora Seafood Manager

How long have you been with Heinen's?
Let’s see. It’s been about 8.5 years. I started when I was 18. I began at the Bainbridge store where I was hired in as a deli associate.

How did you make your way to seafood?
I volunteered to go into the seafood department at the Bainbridge store. When I was promoted to the lead in the department, I was transferred to our Aurora store. Been here ever since.

What’s special for you about working in this department?
I love the overnight programs that we offer—all of the great varieties of fish that we bring in, the high quality, and that it comes in overnight! I love when I explain it to customers, they are so amazed that they don’t believe it at first. I’m always saying, “No really…no really!”

Name an item you enjoy introducing customers to.
Oh, I love talking about the Verlasso salmon. It’s so good. It comes from Patagonia Chile, and they’ve completely taken aqua farming to a whole new level. The fish is raised in the ocean on a natural diet of seafood and they’ve reduced the amount of feeder fish the salmon eat to a 1:1 ratio, versus the usual 8:1 seen in the industry. In offering Verlasso salmon, Heinen’s has saved more than 200,000 pounds of feeder fish. We’re very proud to carry it! It’s the first and only farmed salmon that’s earned the Good Alternative ranking on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.

Do you cook at home?
I do….a little bit of everything.

Name some items we’d often find in your fridge.
  • Cheese for sure. I love cheese.
  • Any fruits and veggies, I love salads; fruit or vegetable salads.
  • Steak.
  • Salmon. I like to grill it. If I want to keep it simple, I’ll just use a little Two Brothers Seasoning and a sprinkle of brown sugar, then grill it or bake it.

Can you recall a seafood dish that knocked your socks off?
Absolutely. It’s called Salmon Licorice. I got the recipe from my previous seafood manager, not too long after I started. I remember it to this day. It goes like this:

Marinate the salmon in lemon juice, olive oil, maybe some white wine and soy sauce. Sprinkle on some fennel seeds and anise seeds and then lemon pepper seasoning. Bake it or grill it, maybe adding a bit of brown sugar on it. It’s fabulous!


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