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Say Hello To Kathy Fletcher, Heinen's Bainbridge Seafood Manager

How long have you been with Heinen's?
In August, it will be seven years. Tom Heinen always tells me that I am spoiled because I’ve only worked at this Bainbridge store. I absolutely love it!

And have you always been in the Seafood Department?
Well, I’ll tell you. I didn’t quite start out in seafood. I began in the deli department. Within three days, I knew I wasn’t the right fit for the job. My background was in catering and fine dining. I was dreading to tell my supervisor I was going to leave after such a short time. Instead, she came and asked me if I liked seafood. I said, “I love seafood!” So, here I am—after my three day stint in the deli.

That’s what I love about Heinen’s. If it’s not the right seat on the bus for you, they find you the right one! It’s a great atmosphere and everyone is very caring.

Do you have a favorite item in the Seafood Department?
Yes. Anything and everything in our overnight program. For example, I love the fresh sockeye flown in overnight from Alaska. The quality we demand is just unbelievable. We talk directly to the fishermen. In Alaska, that’s Carl.

Do you cook?

So name some ingredients we’d always find in your kitchen.

  • Well, I always have some sort of seafood. Frozen shrimp, scampi…last night we had our new salmon scallop and shrimp pouch that simmers with garlic butter
  • Pasta, like linguini and angel hair
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano and butter
  • Gerber chicken. It’s the best! The meat department is right across from our seafood counter, so the chicken is always calling me.
  • Greens and fresh fruit
  • Oh, and KSP, of course

KSP. What’s that?
Ha! That’s shorthand for kosher salt and pepper. Can’t be without those. Sometimes people are fearful of seafood. It can cost as much as meat. But I tell them it’s so easy to prepare! Just a little KSP and some Two Brothers Seasoning, and it’s perfect.


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