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Say Hello To: Eric Besselman Heinen's Meat Director

Meet Eric Besselman, our resident meat head.

What is your favorite cut of meat?
There is nothing better than a good strip steak. It’s like my birthday meal. It’s a great cut of meat.

Do you cook?
Truthfully, no, not all that much. I like to do some grilling in the summertime, but my wife is a phenomenal cook and she loves to do it. I’m ok with that.

What book are you reading right now?
“Eat Yourself Super”, Dr. Todd Pesek. I really strive to understand the wellness side of the business and incorporate it into the meat department. I really believe that you are what you eat. When I have a donut, I don’t always feel so great.

Is there something that you eat or drink every day, like a ritual?
I always have coffee in the morning and I eat oatmeal most days, but I’m telling you, I eat anything. I love breakfast. Sometimes I’ll have it for dinner!

As someone who knows so much about all things meat, what is one of the most FAQs you receive?
How do I cook it? I always ask them follow-up questions. Is it for a party? What kind of dinner are you doing? Do you need something quickly? You need to know what they’re trying to accomplish and you go from there.


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