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Specialty Cheese

Marin French Cheese

Authentic. Approachable. Artisan.

For nearly a century and a half, the Marin French Cheese Co. has operated in west Marin County California, in fact this amazing creamery is the longest continually running cheese company in the country.

Before the close of the civil war in 1865, an independent dairy farmer named Jefferson Thompson began producing small-batch, European style cheeses on his private dairy farm in Marin County. It didn’t take long before Mr. Thompsons cheeses were making their way to hungry, and appreciative, dockworkers on the San Francisco bay. Mr. Thompson’s cheeses quickly gained notoriety and began to be known as Marin French Cheese.

Marin French Cheese continues to produce exceptional European style cheeses on the same 700 acre plot of land as they did almost 150 years ago. The cheesemakers, using traditional methods, craft small-batch artisan cheeses with fresh milk that is delivered daily from local dairy farms within 15 miles. The commitment to quality, traditional practices and the freshest possible ingredients results in cheese that is truly unrivaled in taste. In many ways Marin French Cheese has remained unchanged for almost 150 years.

Stop by our Gourmet Cheese Department, take home some of this incredible award winning cheese and experience what French style cheese should taste like.