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Specialty Cheese

Spring Brook Farm, Reading, Vermont.

Spring Brook Farm is part of the Farms for City Kids Foundation, an educational non-profit organization founded in 1993. The overarching mission of the farm is to provide a safe working environment and an extraordinary educational setting for the 700 or more school children who spend a week at a time on the farm in classroom sized groups from spring to fall. They are engaged in an agricultural curriculum with the aim of teaching them the importance of agriculture and being good stewards of the environment; teach them where food comes from; how their academic studies relate to food, the farm and the environment; and teach them the value of teamwork and perseverance through hard work. Some of the activities they may find themselves engaged in include: making maple syrup, preparing the garden for planting and harvest, harvesting apples and making cider, working in the aging room washing and turning cheese, and tending to the various animals living on the farm.

In May of 2010, Spring Brook Farm produced its first wheels of Reading, an award winning Vermont artisan washed rind cheese made with raw milk from pasture grazed Jersey cows. The milk is sourced from two neighboring, family-run dairies. Spring Brook Farm is proud to play a small part in strengthening its local Vermont agricultural community through its partnership with these dairies. Reading is aged for a minimum of three months, receiving the same care and nurturing given to Tarentaise. It offers a unique creamy texture balanced by floral, lactic undertones. Reading matures into a versatile semi-soft cheese ideally suited to melting, yet able to stand alone on any cheese plate.


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