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Our cheese team at Beemster.

BEEMSTER: Partners Across the Pond

You know by now that Heinen’s works very closely with American cheesemakers, but do you know that we have friends all over the world? One of our dearest partners are the folks at Beemster in Holland. Since we started to put a focus on our cheese program at Heinen’s, we've worked closely with cheesemakers at Beemster to bring you some of the most authentic Dutch cheeses available in the US.

A couple of years ago, our cheese buyers had the opportunity to travel to Holland to tour the plant and to visit the dairy farms where Beemster sources their milk. Talk about knowing our sources! The collaboration of farmers working together to bring only the highest quality milk to the cheemakers at Beemster is what makes their cheese so outstanding. It really starts with the milk, which starts with the land.

If you’ve never been to Holland, not only are you missing out on beautiful Dutch countryside, but the people are some of the warmest, most passionate and friendly folks you’d ever meet. That passion is evident in their cheeses, and we are honored to be consider the people at Beemster our friends.

Stay tuned for Beemster’s spring seasonal cheese, Graskaas. This is the young gouda-style cheese that is made from the first milking of the spring, when the cows are finally able to graze on the lush, green pastures after a tough winter. Look for Graskaas at Heinen’s this spring! 


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