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Specialty Cheese

Mayfield Road Creamery

In 2007, while living and working on their fifth generation family dairy farm in Orwell, Ohio, Kevin and Susan Morris decided to supplement their diary business by opening a small farmstead creamery. After extensive training and education through the Ohio State Extension and courses led by world-renowned cheese maker Peter Dixon, Kevin and Susan officially opened their creamery on the property.

The dairy farm provides the creamery with a steady supply of fresh-as-it gets milk from which the cheese is made. 40 head of Holstein dairy cows graze on hay fields, day and night, 7 days per week from May through October on 3 permanent grazing pastures. The cows are milked 2 twice daily and a portion of the milk is reserved for creamery operations. The cows are never pushed with hormones to stimulate growth or milk production. If antibiotics are used, the milk from those cows is disposed of and never used for cheese making.

Susan Morris is the Master Cheesemaker at Mayfield Road Creamery, she hand makes the specialty unpasteurized milk cheeses with great care, then ages them with an ever watchful eye. Look for a variety of specialty cheese from Mayfield Road Creamery in the gourmet cheese case at your local Heinen's Grocery Store.


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