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Specialty Cheese

Heinen’s associates making cheese at Carr Valley.
Learning from the great Sid Cook from Carr Valley.

Heinen's Cheese Specialists

Passion for cheese and a thirst for knowledge doesn't grow on trees, so when we recognize those talents in people we snatch them right up! We truly believe that we would not have been voted the Best Place in Cleveland to Buy Cheese by Cleveland Magazine for the past 8 years without our in-store cheese specialists. They’re on the front lines, tasting and selling cheese and servicing our customers so they purchase just the cheese that will be perfect for any occasion.

We put a lot of effort into ongoing training and developing our cheese staff, and that shows as soon as you start talking cheese with them. We hold monthly meetings where we taste and discuss all things cheese, and we've been hands-on in the cheesemaking process many times on trips to Wisconsin, California and local creameries.

We believe that in order to provide the best service to our customers, that proper training is required. We’re developing cheese experts, and they’re loving every minute of it. Don’t take these folks for granted; they know their cheese and they’re not afraid to show it!


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