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Niman Ranch Antibiotic Free Pork

Niman Ranch began in the 1970's on an eleven acre ranch in a small coastal town north of San Francisco, CA. From the beginning, Niman Ranch animals have been raised using traditional, humane methods and fed only all-natural feeds. Today, Niman ranch has expanded from its humble roots on that eleven acre ranch to include over 700 independent American farmers and ranchers that share Niman Ranch's dedication to the strictest protocols and the belief that all-natural, humane and sustainable methods produce the best possible flavor.

Niman Ranch Pork is Raised to the Following Standards:
  • Never given antibiotics of any kind - ever
  • Never given added hormones or artificial growth hormones - ever
  • Fed all-vegetarian diets
  • Raised according to Niman Ranch’s Pig Husbandry Protocols
  • Are born and raised on American family farms and are harvested and processed at U.S.D.A. inspected facilities within the United States