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Good Greens, Great Taste

Utilizing the patented Z-52 Superfood Blend, Good Greens Bars have turned the nutritional snack world upside down. The Good Greens mission is to provide an alternative, healthy food solution for kids and adults alike.

While working with a physician to find ways to better serve his patients, Good Greens founder Keith Pabley set out to create a healthful product that unlike similar products on the market that actually tastes great. Armed with in depth knowledge of the health benefits of superfoods, Keith created the revolutionary Good Greens Bars for everyone to enjoy.

All natural, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan; Good Greens bars are not only powerfully nutritional but you simply won’t find a better tasting snack. These super bars are available in dairy-free, organic dark chocolate or soy Greek yogurt and always packed with 100% of your recommended daily fruits and vegetables. Look for them in the Heinen’s Wellness Department.


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