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Equal Exchange - Fair Trade Coffee

At Equal Exchange they believe that equitable relationships between coffee and cocoa farmers and consumers are not only beneficial to everyone involved but the only way business should be done.

Equal Exchange was started in 1986 and is the largest fair trade group in the United States. Fair trade means the farmers are getting a fair deal. "There is a minimum purchase price of the beans that allows the farmers to survive," says Rink Dickinson, one of Equal Exchange's founders. "The farmers also receive pre-harvest financing. Fair trade is built on long-term relationships. We don't play the farmers against each other," he adds.

Look for Equal Exchange coffee and cocoa products at Heinen’s and find fresh roasted Equal Exchange coffee in a select locations. Equal Exchange is providing Heinen's with green, unroasted coffee beans, and Heinen's associates will roast the beans in small batches throughout the day for an amazing tasting coffee. You can't get any fresher than that!