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Sustainable and Responsibly Sourced Dairy Products

At Organic Valley, their philosophy is to operate with the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth in mind. Since 1988, the family farmers of Organic Valley have remained committed to organic agriculture and sustainable farming.

To be suppliers for Organic Valley, the land on which the animals graze must be certified organic, and must have no run-off from other areas that could contaminate the land. An addition, only one cow is allowed for every 3 acres to ensure there is enough grass and that the animals have room to roam. A staff veterinarian is assigned by Organic Valley to each farm to act as a consultant on animal health and nutrition. The veterinarian visits and inspects the farm often. 

The commitment to sustainable farming and organic agriculture has allowed Organic Valley to become a premier producer of Organic Dairy products. Look for a full line of Organic Valley products in the Heinen’s Dairy Case.


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