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Hartzler Dairy

As Nature Intended…

Fifty years ago, Harold Hartzler made a startling discovery, run-off of the pesticides and chemicals used on his family farm completely wiped out the crop on a neighboring hay farm after a particularly heavy rain. From that day in 1964, Harold made a vow to never again use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides on the farm. It was a tough go for awhile but after a few years without chemicals Harold noticed that his fields were becoming easier to plow and to his absolute pleasure, the earthworms returned to the soil.

Hartzler’s Dairy provides a variety of wholesome dairy products of quality that simply cannot be matched. Hartzler’s Dairy cows happily graze on herbicide and pesticide free green grass fields, producing better tasting and better-for-you milk. Their cows are also certified artificial hormone-free.

Furthering their commitment to the environment; you’ll find Hartzler’s Milk in bottled in returnable and reusable glass bottles. Ask anyone who’s tried Hartzler’s Milk and they’re sure to tell you that it’s the best tasting and most refreshing milk available.


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