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Say Hello to Anne Somoroff, Heinen's Bainbridge Wine Consultant

How long have you been with Heinen's?
I started here seven years ago.

Your interest in wine. How did that start?
I was introduced to wine at a very young age at the dinner table by my parents who knew about wine. Then, while I was in school earning degrees in archeology and anthropology, I worked in restaurants and learned about wine and foods in that realm.

I’m a native New Yorker and worked in the commercial film business for ten years there. Some of my work was as a food stylist and then I moved into props and became a prop master.

How did you get this position at Heinen’s?
I came back to the Cleveland area seven years ago. When I walked through doors at Heinen’s as a customer, I very much liked what they were doing. I told them that they had a great wine program and asked if there was any room for me. I had an interview and was hired.

How about trends. What are you seeing in the Bainbridge wine department?
We have a big following for rosé right now—it’s the right time of year for that. There are so many different types. Heinen’s has a fabulous seafood program and there are so many dishes that pair beautifully with rosé: bouillabaisse, paella, octopus, squid, and raw shellfish. So it’s a #1 fave right now.

Can you give us some advice on food and wine pairings?
When people ask me for wine suggestions, I always start with asking them what’s for dinner. Or I’ll look in their cart and say “Looks like you’re making this for dinner,” and I’ll suggest a wine. My rule of thumb: Go with a wine that comes from the area that the dish originated.

Let’s say you win a trip to visit any wine region in the world. Where would you go?
Oh wow. Next on my bucket list is visiting Australia or New Zealand. I just returned from South Africa. Several years ago I went to Portugal, which was fabulous. Amazing wines! And I always seem to go to Tuscany when I’m in Italy, but recently I went to Piedmont during white truffle season. Imagine Barolo for breakfast, lunch and dinner…with truffles!

Do you have a favorite wine movie?
I think a lot of them are very fun. I just watched Bottle Shock again. I find it hilarious. I love the British fellow in that. What’s his name? Alan Rickman.

So you definitely cook at home. What would we always find in your refrigerator?
  • Either the white or rosé remaining from the night before.
  • Cheese. My cheese drawer is so packed with cheese that I can’t open it.
  • A great French mustard.
  • Always—capers, anchovy paste and the extra concentrated tomato paste in the tube.
  • Great fruits and vegetables.
  • And some of the pickles that I make. And one of my jams. And I can my own sushi grade tuna. There’s a jar of that in there right now.

Okay. You also have duck bacon in the fridge right now?
Yes! Heinen’s carries duck bacon now. It’s from D’Artagnan. Oh my goodness—go make a duck bacon BLT! It’s not hard at all and it’s so tremendous: First put freshly ground black pepper on the bacon so it’s like a pepper bacon. Use a great grain bread, some home grown lettuce and a good tomato, a good mustard and mayo blended together on the bread. Serve a rosé of pinot noir. Pinot goes really well with duck.

Any other tips you can share?
Never miss a chance to highlight fabulous ingredients, which Heinen’s definitely has –with the right wine. It takes a meal to the next level, to a totally different realm, as it should. That’s how I was brought up.


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