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Say Hello to Lisa Bart, Heinen's Hudson Wine Consultant

How long have you been with Heinen's?
I’ve been with Heinen’s over six years now. I started at the Brecksville store as an assistant in the wine department and after four years, I came here to our Hudson store where I’m now the wine consultant.

So how did you know that working with wine was a good fit for you?
I’ve always worked in the restaurant and hospitality field. Previous to this position, I’d worked in a number of restaurants and that’s where I really got into wine and food pairings. The last restaurant I was at closed and I’d heard that Heinen’s would be a good place to take my food and wine experience. So that’s how I came to be here.

What do you like about your position?
This is such a great place to share what I know about food and wine—and also to learn. For example, this past January I had the opportunity to travel to Napa and Sonoma with a group of our wine consultants and our wine buyer Ed Thompkins. It was just an amazing experience.

Can you tell us about that trip?
Each day was more amazing than the next. Part of our trip was visiting the wineries that are part of our Vineyard Partners program. We’ve teamed up with a few select wineries—so we visited them including Benziger Family Winery, Michel~Schlumberger and Alexander Valley Vineyards. We also went to Michael Pozzan’s house for lunch; it was just surreal.

Do you have a favorite varietal wine?
Oh geez. It’s way too hard to have a favorite. I like to try whatever’s new—there are so many good wines out there. I do love sparkling wines, and I love rosé, so a sparkling rosé might be high on my list.

What’s important to you as a Wine Consultant?
I’m a really big proponent of certification and continuing education. Every vacation I take I try to combine it with an education event. I just returned from Seattle where I attended the Society of Wine Educators conference. There’s also WSET, the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. Both of these groups are great for wine professionals and I’d recommend them for anyone who loves wine and wants to learn more.

Do you cook?
Not as much as I’d like. I’m very busy, so I like bringing something home from our Prepared Foods. I do a lot more cooking at the holidays.

So do you have some favorite kitchen tools?
  • Definitely a mandoline
  • My juicer
  • A nice sharp chef’s knife
  • Yep, a corkscrew for sure
  • And my sauté pan.

Let’s say you win the wine trip of your dreams. Where would you go?
Oooh…everywhere! But I would definitely say France. I’ve never been there. I’d start in Champagne and make my way down all of the different wine regions. Burgundy, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Rhone…and end up in the south of France. That’s the trip I’d want!


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