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Say Hello To Rhonda Blondeaux, Bainbridge Bakery Manager

How long have you been with Heinen's?
It’s going on 17 years now. I started out at the Lander Road store for about four years, then I went to the Green Road store for nine years. I’ve been here at the Bainbridge store for about five years now.

Wow. You must know a lot of people!
You know, that’s the nice part about it. I’ve met so many nice people. Customers from one store and then I’ll see them in another. And of course, you get to know all of the associates you work with, too.

Have you always worked in the bakery?
Yes, from the very beginning. I wasn’t quite sure what I was even getting into, but there was an opportunity, so I took it. I really have come to love it. I do love my job. This is a great company to work for. You learn a lot!

So what’s the best part of your job?
The one-on-one you get with your customers. You make a lot of friends with so many people.

Do you bake at home?
I used to years ago. When my oldest kids were young and I didn’t work, that’s when I had time to bake. Now I avoid it at all costs. Sometimes I feel badly that my younger two children didn’t get that experience, but there are so many good things here to bring home.

So what’s one of your favorite bakery items?
Oh, the cinnamon rolls. I love them with the butter frosting. We had them on sale the other week and I think I took one home every day!

Who’s the cook at home?
My husband does all of the cooking. One of his favorites is the Heinen’s gourmet burgers. He loves to cook them on the grill. Asparagus, too.

It’s your day off. How will you spend it?
Usually I’ll be doing some running around, or cleaning the house. And sports—watching my youngest— she’s playing softball and basketball.


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