In our dairy department, we strive to offer a wide array of choices. We carry the very best local milk from Hartzler’s Dairy and Snowville Creamery along with the freshest eggs produced locally. 

You’ll also find a blend of unique milk items (organic, silk, soy, almond, coconut, goat), juices (probiotics, kefir, raw, cleansing) and yogurts (Greek, coconut, goat), just to name a few.
Yogurt with Fruit

Weekly Deal

Heinen's Cheese Chunks or Shredded Cheese

2 for $7.00 - Save up to $2.98 on 2
Stock up on your favorites. 16 oz.
Valid thru 2/09

Organic Deal

Franchester Farms Ricotta

$2.99 - Save $1.30
Rich and creamy organic ricotta cheese. 16 oz.
Valid thru 2/09

Just Arrived

Heinen's English Muffins

Get the toaster ready and slice up one of our classic English muffins. They're perfect for breakfast sandwiches with your favorite spreads.

We Know our Sources

Snowville Creamery

Snowville milk comes from cows that are pasture grazed without the use of growth hormones, and the result is a sweet, rich milk that we love.

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Our Stories

Heinen's Dairy Products

We always take pride in sourcing quality products and that includes our ever-expanding Heinen's brand products in our diary department.

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Say Hello To...

Les Gyerman –Dairy & Frozen Foods Category Manager

Meet Les Gyerman, our Dairy and Frozen Category Manager. Take a look behind the scenes of our Dairy and Frozen Foods Departments.

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Local Products

Great Finds From Your Backyard

We know that great things are in our own backyard and we can help you find the next big thing, just around the corner. Come explore local favorites.

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