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Fine Wine

The award-winning Fine Wine Department is a pleasure to discover. Our buyers travel the world to meet winemakers, so expect some impressive finds that don’t show up anywhere else in town. One of the department’s most popular corners is our Bin 55. There you’ll find the current best 55 wines under $10, arranged in easy-to-choose categories.

Whether you’re looking for white wine, red wine or something bubbly, our skilled consultants are always ready to help with any selection or pairing for your menus. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we'll also special order your requests.

Our stores regularly hold special wine and beer tasting events for our customers. These events are themed and are complemented by delicious artisan cheeses and breads.
Fine Wine

Perfect Pairings

Wine pairing with Heinen's Beef Stew

Heighten your dining experience by combining these carefully selected food and drink pairings.

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Say Hello To...

Laurie Toth, Heinen's Avon Wine Consultant

Perhaps one of the more recognizable (and sought after) faces at the store, you can't go wrong with Laurie's wine recommendations!

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Meet Vin Hunter

Stories of discovery from Heinen's Wine Scout

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