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Meet Vin Hunter

Vin Hunter

Vin Hunter - Heinen's Wine Scout

Hey guys! I’m Vin Hunter. Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but you've probably enjoyed a bottle of wine from Heinen's that I sourced in my travels. You see, I search the globe in search of great wine, beer and food that oftentimes are only available at Heinen’s (it’s a tough job, but…you know).

You'll find my recommendations in the wine department of your favorite Heinen's store, just look for the Vin Hunter logo. Follow me on my journeys of discovery and get the low-down on what’s hot in the wine world, what's tasting great, and who’s making it.

Reach out to me. I love to talk wine and food, and the wine consultants in our stores are my inspiration. So hit them up for great deals the next time you're looking for a great bottle of wine.



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