Fresh Seafood

Our local fishmongers deliver fresh seafood to each of our stores six days a week. We'll hook you up with seasonal wild catches as well as the finest in farm-raised fish.

We make a special effort to carry unique and different types of seafood whenever they are available, and we try to identify at least one item that delivers "best in class" taste every week. And remember: we can order any type of seafood that can be shipped to your local store. Just ask at our seafood counter.

We also receive ocean fresh seafood direct from Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and Boston. Our seafood buyer gets the catch-of-the-day phone call as soon as the fishing vessel returns to port. We get details of the crew's catches for that day that went right from the ocean into ice and make our purchase. Then the fish is overnighted directly to our stores within 24 hours! Our fresh catches taste exactly the way you'd imagine—rich with that sweet, moist, just-out-of-the-sea flavor.
Fresh Seafood

Weekly Deal

Wild Jumbo Argentina Pink Shell-on Shrimp

$9.99 lb. - Save $3.00 lb.!
Makes an easy great appetizer.
Valid thru 07/28

Seasonal Catch

Wild Fresh Columbia River King Salmon

Save $5.00!
Delivered direct overnight from Washington State.
Valid thru 07/28

Our Stories

Heinen's Own Shrimp

Our Heinen's Own Shrimp is one of the most delicious items in our seafood counters. Steamed fresh in stores several times each day.

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We Know Our Sources

Favco - Wild Alaskan Salmon

During the summer months, Favco is our source for the highest quality fresh, wild Alaskan salmon that is delivered to our stores direct overnight.

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Video Recipe

Mussels with French Bread and Goat Cheese Spread

Mussel lovers rejoice! You'll love the fresh goat cheese spread on thick cut and toasted french bread along side the perfectly prepared mussels.

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Say Hello To...

Marty Gaul, Heinen’s Seafood Buyer & Merchandiser

Meet Marty Gaul. She knows seafood and she’s not afraid to show it!

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Seafood Platters

Seafood, Seafood and More Seafood

Fresh is the way to make any occasion special and our seafood is delivered fresh six days a week for the highest quality!

Overnight Direct

Get Hooked on Fresh!

Fresh fish deliveries arrive in our stores 6 days a week from places like Hawaii, Alaska and the North Atlantic.

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Seafood Preparation

Creative Flavor Combinations for Seafood

Looking to add more flavor to your seafood? Use this chart to create a delicious crust for baking or sauteing fish.

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