Salmon Varieties

Wild Pacific Salmon

Take a look in the seafood case and you'll see different varieties of salmon like King, Coho, Sockeye and more, what's the difference? Size differences are apparent from a quick glance at the fish in the case, other factors that you can't see are texture, flavor and nutritional content. The most popular varieties of salmon vary slightly in these ways but any salmon you take home from Heinen's is sure to the freshest and best tasting around.

King Salmon

Peak Season: May-June
Also known as Chinook Salmon, King Salmon is the largest and most sought after species of Pacific Salmon. King Salmon are large with an average size of 20 lbs. up to 50 lbs., producing King Salmon has the highest concentration of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids of all the Wild Pacific Salmon species.

Coho Salmon

Peak Season: July-October
Sometimes called Silver Salmon, Coho is a smaller variety of salmon with an average weight of 8-12 lbs. Coho Salmon like other species is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids and is also low in cholesterol, making it an extremely desirable species of salmon. Coho Salmon has a beautiful orange-red and firm flesh and is typically sold whole & in steaks and fillets.

Sockeye Salmon

Peak Season: May-August
It's exceptional rich flavor and firm flesh make Sockeye a popular variety of salmon. Like its wild Pacific counterparts, Sockeye is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is a lean source of protein. Sockeye are typically a smaller species of salmon at around 6 lbs. average weight. Sockeye is great for nearly all cooking methods.

Keta Salmon

Peak Season: June-September
Keta Salmon is a smaller variety of Pacific Salmon at around 8 lbs. average weight. Keta Salmon is known for its low fat content and delicate seafood flavor. Keta is readily available making it a great variety for almost every culinary use. Keta is known as a great fish for smoking, grilling and roasting, and recommended cooking temperatures are lower than other varieties.

Pink Salmon

Peak Season: June-September
Pink salmon is a readily available variety of salmon that is great in most cooking applications especially grilling or roasting. Pink salmon is known for its light and delicate flavor, making it a good choice for people who don't want intense flavor.


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