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Prepared Foods

Even if you think you have dinner covered, our Prepared Foods will stop you in your tracks.

Our expert chefs love creating an amazing array of entrees, like our luscious Nut Crusted Tilapia or our bestselling Chicken Romano. Pair those with one of our delicious side dishes, such as Grilled Asparagus or our Broccolini with Fried Garlic and you’re dining in like you’re dining out.

Planning a gathering? Ask us for help. We’re experts at delicious and effortless entertaining. Heinen's delicious main course menus allow everyone to relax and enjoy the occasion in great taste.
Pork Tenderloin

Featured Main Course

Pulled BBQ Pork

$2.94 per 6 oz. Serving
$7.99 per lb. Valid thru 5/31

Featured Side Dish

Thai Chicken and Vegetable Salad

$2.80 per 5 oz. Serving
$8.99 per lb. Valid thru 5/31

Grab 'n' Go

Easy meal planning, on the go

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Wild Salmon Mignon with Roasted Potatoes & Spinach

Pair wild salmon with herb roasted potatoes and a creamy spinach soufflé for a fast and fresh meal.

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Party Platters

The Ideal Choice

Need to please a lot of tastes? Two Brothers fine meats, tasty deli salads and bakery-fresh breads make our party trays the best for any occasion.

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Heinen’s Sushi Trays are a Gem of an Appetizer

Artfully arranged, our sushi platters are a perfect addition. Whether you prefer raw, cooked or a mix, we’ve got a platter designed to satisfy!

Salads We Love

A Feast for the Eyes

Take the guesswork out of what to have for lunch or what to serve with dinner. We make it easy with our array of choices.

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Say Hello To...

David Gregg, Heinen’s Deli Merchandiser

Meet David Gregg, Heinen’s Merchandiser for the deli and gourmet case and one of Heinen’s most passionate foodies.

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Catering By Heinen's

Service, Refinement, Style, Exceptional Food

From plated dinners, sumptuous buffets and strolling receptions, Catering by Heinen’s is committed to creating the gourmet event you envision.

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Olive Bar

The Mediterranean Awaits

It's easy to get transported to the Mediterranean with the delectable flavors available on our gourmet olive bar.

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Heinen's Soups

Made Using Homestyle Recipes

No matter the season, our soup selection is sure to comfort and nourish the body and soul.

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Dinner Made Easy

Have Our Chefs Be Your Chefs!

From casual buffets and cookouts to a family dinner around the table, our delicious main course menus allow everyone to relax and enjoy the occasion.

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We're Heinen's Grocery Stores, a Cleveland, OH based family-owned grocery store established in 1929. Focused on quality meats, fresh market produce and superior customer service, we make grocery shopping something to smile about. Serving the Northeast Ohio and Greater Chicago areas.