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Holiday Entertaining

We all have a friend or two who makes entertaining seem effortless and fun. Turns out a flair for entertaining is not a genetic talent born to the lucky few but it’s simply about learning to plan everything ahead of time. Fortunately for most us it isn’t all that hard to host a holiday meal once you learn a few key tricks to keep tucked up under your apron sleeves. Read on and maybe one of these tips will help you to become the party maven you know you were born to be.

Set the Mood

Feliz Navidad anyone? Nothing sets a tone or invokes holiday memories like music. Load your ipod or phone with a seasonal play list. Include a mix of classic and newer songs to invoke a holiday memory for everyone then turn down the lights, light the candles and set a mood.

Cheese, Please!

A cheese course doesn’t have to be elaborate to be inviting. A single carefully chosen cheese served with its perfect accompaniment can be more alluring than a tray loaded with options. We've put together the ultimate Holiday Cheese Board, all you have to do is put it together and enjoy!

The Gift of Great Taste

Visiting friends or relatives this holiday season? Express your gratitude with one of our Exceptional Gift Baskets.


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