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Carla's Tip of the Week

Quick Fix: Now that almost everyone has an ice maker in their fridge, the ice cube tray has become one of the most underrated tools in the kitchen. But ice cube trays are still pretty handy and there are still lots of good reasons to keep a few trays around:
  1. Many recipes use one or two tablespoons of tomato paste or just one cup of broth. What to do with the remaining paste and broth left in the can? Freeze it in ice cube trays then unmold them into zip lock bags. This also works well for buttermilk, coconut milk and baby food.

  2. Have lots of fresh herbs in your garden? Freeze them in olive oil in ice cube trays. Pack the chopped herbs in the trays and pour olive oil over the top. For a taste of summer add frozen to soups and stews all winter long. For a taste of summer all year long you can make pesto and freeze it in the cube tray as well.


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