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Carla's Tips

Carla's Tip of the Week

Quick Fix: Your cutting board is stained and smelly:

Clean smelly and stained cutting boards by wetting them down along with a generous sprinkling of Kosher salt. Cut a lemon in half and vigorously rub the salt into the board with the cut side of the lemon. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse and dry. All clean and fresh.

Not many kitchen tools work as hard as your cutting board so here’s a few more tips to make dicing and slicing a more enjoyable experience:
  1. A too small board is just as inconvenient as a too large board. Use a cutting board that’s large enough for the job you have to do. A general all-purpose perfect size is about 18-in by 13-in.

  2. Wooden boards are the gold standard but they can be heavy and difficult to clean. Plastic boards are dishwasher safe but can be slippery. Composite cutting boards blend the best of both camps as they are light and easy to clean. They have the grip of wood, but are dishwasher safe. Look for Epicurean brand boards in cookware shops.

  3. Unless you have a large woodblock cutting board, most boards have a dangerous tendency to slip and slide. To prevent the board from moving, lay a damp paper towel, tea towel or piece of rubbery shelf liner under the board. You’ll be amazed at how it stays put.

  4. Rinse boards after using and allow them to dry completely before putting them away. If stacked while wet the damp surface will mildew and stain.

  5. If you only have one cutting board, use one side for vegetables and the other side for raw meats and fish. That way you will have less chance of spreading a food borne illness. Just affix a sticker or mark it with a little nail polish so you can tell which side is which. And always scrub your board thoroughly with hot, hot water and soap after cutting raw meat, fish and poultry.


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