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Carla's Tips

Cooking better doesn’t have to be hard. For delicious food, faster, easier, follow these simple tips from Carla Snyder at

Quick Fix:

How to store fruit and vegetables: Tired of produce that doesn’t seem to ripen or the opposite, produce that goes bad quickly? Vegetables actually respire (a kind of breathing) and different vegetables respire at different levels. Potatoes respire very slowly so they keep for a longer time. Strawberries respire quickly so they don’t keep for a long time. Refrigeration retards the respiration or slows it down which is a good thing for berries but not so good for bananas or under-ripened pears. Proper storage means you’ll get the best your veggies have to offer.

  1. Store fruits and vegetables separately. Some fruits can cause some vegetables to ripen quickly so that they may spoil before you get the chance to use them.
  2. Soak leafy greens in a sink of tepid water. Shake as much water from them as possible and then lay them out onto clean dish towels, roll them up, seal them in plastic bags and refrigerate for up to 3 days.
  3. Wash mushrooms and berries right before using them. Never ahead of time.
  4. Store winter squash, potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic at room temperature. I like to keep mine in a ceramic bowl on my kitchen counter.
  5. Store bell peppers, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots and celery in the little plastic bags from the store in the vegetable bins in the fridge. The plastic keeps them neat and tidy and fresher longer.
  6. Trim the tops from radishes, fennel, celery root and carrots before storing them as the tops degrade and go slimy faster than the vegetables.
  7. Lemons and limes can sit at room temperature for a few days and they juice better when room temp, but they keep for longer periods in the fridge.
  8. Never refrigerate tomatoes and avocados. The cold kills the taste.
  9. Ripen pears on the countertop but once perfectly ripe, either eat them or refrigerate so they don’t continue to ripen.
  10. Refrigerate fresh parsley and cilantro, stems down in a water filled glass jar with a plastic bag loosely fitted over the top. They will stay fresh for a week.
Check back next week for more tips on purchasing the correct cookware.


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