Easter Menus

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to stop thinking about snow and focus on daffodils, spring break and a plan to serve family and friends the best Easter dinner ever. It’s time to celebrate the season welcome in the kids home from college and family in from out of town.

But do you really have the time to entertain family and friends with all the things to do on your proverbial plate? Of course you do! All it takes is a little help from these easy to do tips and recipes. Whether you have no time, a little time or lots of time to prepare, there’s a plan here that will work for you. Feel free to mix and match the recipes in whatever way makes sense for you. After all, you are the boss of your Easter celebration.
If you don’t have any time to spare for cooking Pick up these ready to serve dishes from Heinen’s To Go case. All you have to do is reheat for a no fuss, delicious meal. And while you’re reheating the food, don’t forget to warm the plates as well. It’s a small thing but a great way to keep hot food hot. View Menu

If you have time to cook a few things but still need a little help getting it all on the table this might be the menu for you. This menu will allow you to enjoy your time in the kitchen with out having to focus on the small details.
View Menu

When you have the time and really want to pull out all the stops for a holiday meal you can’t go wrong with this menu. It's easier in that you can start preparing a day or so ahead. Don’t forget to let others help you do things like set the table, pour the water in glasses and open the wine. View Menu


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