Springtime Brunch

One of the easiest ways to entertain is to host brunch. It’s perfect for after church since all the prep and cooking is done ahead of time. You could spend more time working on this menu, but why would you?

Mushroom Strata with Red Pepper, Green Onions and Fontina

There’s a reason brunch is easy and this is the reason. Make it a day ahead then bake and serve.

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Assorted Breakfast Breads are available in the Bakery, such as Danish, Scones and Muffins.

Navel Oranges with Caramel

Cool and refreshing oranges are drizzled with caramel. Easy but spectacular.

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Bloody Marys

The breakfast drink of champions, Not all Bloody Marys are created equal, this recipe is one everyone will be asking for.

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