Summer Entertaining 2014

Joe's Meat Market

Take a look inside our full service meat counters and use our meat guide to make sure you take home the best cut for your next grilled meal. Learn more

Beef Cuts Guide

Check out our beef cuts guide and learn ideal cooking times, temperatures and methods that are best for each cut. Learn more

The Perfect Picnic

Great food and a great destination make for a perfect picnic, gather friends and family and enjoy the summer. Learn more

Bring it Along

Having trouble deciding what to bring to that barbecue or potluck? We have you covered with unique potato and pasta salad combinations. Learn more

Grill Like a Pro

Everything you need to know about grilling. Tips for grilling meat, seafood and veggies and we stoke the fire on the gas vs. charcoal debate. Learn more

Burgers, Hot Dogs & Sausages

Check out our Burger, Hot Dog & Sausage Combinations and take a peak at our Burger of the Week. Learn more


Clean your grill before cooking...
Next time you take your feast off the grill, don't worry about cleaning the grill until next time. Before grilling again, light your charcoal or turn on your burners. After the grill is heated, use a grill brush or scouring pad to remove any burned on debris from the grate. Before adding food, use tongs to brush the grate with towel dipped in olive oil.

Sweets and Treats

End the meal with a homemade ice cream sandwich, treat your guests to the ultimate float bar or bake a perfect pie. Learn more

Wash it Down

Compliment your meal with a great drink. Check out our summer wine and beer selection and don't forget lemonade and sweet tea. Learn more


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