Thanksgiving Entertaining

Thanksgiving 2013. Expect it to be your best ever, with help from Heinen’s.

The best ever Thanksgiving starts at Heinen’s. We’re sharing dozens and dozens of kitchen-tested recipes, scores of scrumptious heat-and-serve prepared dishes and our favorite don’t-miss products. Check out our creative tips on food, wine, beer, cheese—and all things turkey! And if you’re gathering with others as a grateful guest, see our list of absolutely ideal hostess gifts.

We’ll help you approach Thanksgiving 2013 with confidence and ease. Make it your best ever!

Thanksgiving Recipes

From traditional to something new, your meal will be sure to leave your guests wanting more.  Learn more

Prepared Meals

Let our chefs be your chefs. Heinen's main course menus allow everyone to relax and enjoy the holiday in great taste. Learn more


Wine options that enhance the flavor of your Thanksgiving feast will elevate your meal to the next level.  Learn more

Turkey Ordering

Contact your local Heinen's meat department to order your Thanksgiving turkey.  Supplies are limited order early.  Learn more

Tips and Tricks

Take some tips from us to make your Thanksgiving preparation quicker and easier.   Learn more

hostess gifts

Gift ideas for giving thanks this holiday season.  Express your gratitude with these exceptional gift ideas.  Learn more


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