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When did you start working at Heinen’s and what was your job?
I started in April of last year as a Wellness Consultant. I saw an ad posted for the job, and it sounded exactly like what I was looking to do!

What got you interested in the whole wellness craze?
I have a nutrition background. I was a weight-loss coach for Weight Watchers for 6 years and I was working on my Masters Degree in nutrition. I would like to go back when my kids are older, but for right now, the training and education that Heinen’s provides for us is really giving me great experience and knowledge in the field. It really helps me feel empowered in helping our customers.

You mentioned kids. How many and how old are they? 
13 and 9-year old twins. All girls!

Do you cook at home?
I do, but not very well. I do like to experiment. Heinen’s makes it so easy to cook, with all the prepared foods and the pre-chopped veggies in the produce department it makes it pretty easy. My husband is really the big cook in the family.

What are 5 ingredients you always have in your kitchen?
1. 2 Brothers seasoning
2. Almond milk
3. Earth Balance margarine sticks
4. Pure extra virgin olive oil
5. Eggs

It's your day off. What are you doing?
I never really rest on a day off! I catch up around the house, do a lot of reading, especially physiology and nutrition. Plus I might have activities to do with my kids, so I’m never not busy!

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