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Don’t have a fancy wheat grass juicer on your kitchen counter? Neither do I, although it is on my wish list! Until that becomes a reality, Garden Of Life Wheat Grass Juice Powder is a great alternative.  Each scoop of powder is equivalent to 13 wheat grass shots and can be mixed with water, thrown in a smoothie, or used in recipes. I made raw coconut macaroons last week and added this product to give it a green twist. 

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Broth has been a traditional remedy used across cultures for the maintenance of health.  It is a known treatment for colds and flus and aids in digestive and immune health.  The practice of making broth involves little more than vegetables or meat, water, a stockpot and time.  Creating it at home ensures the use of quality ingredients, resulting in the highest nutrient-value possible.  No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives necessary.

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