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Teaming up for Education - School Representatives

Schools that participated in the School Donation Program in previous years will continue to be an available choice for Heinen’s customers every year.

If your school has not been part of Heinen's School Donation program, and you would like to be considered, please contact Customer Relations at or call 1-855-475-2300 Ext 2337.  Once your school is approved, we will list it on our website for customers.

How the Program Works:

• Heinen’s adds your school name to our website 

• Throughout the year, school representatives promote the program to parents, teachers and family members with the materials Heinen's provides every August

• Heinen’s customers select a school EVERY year by logging into their personal profile page Here, or they may stop by any Heinen's Customer Service booth for help selecting a school

• Heinen’s customers use their Tasteful Rewards Preferred card each time they shop

• Heinen’s maintains a database of participating customers, their selected school and their eligible spending

• Heinen’s distributes checks to qualifying school every May. Qualifying schools are those that reach a donation of $100.00

Click Here to View a List of Registered Illinois Schools

Click Here to View a List of Registered Ohio Schools



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