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4 Simple Ways We Can Work Together

Social distancing at the grocery store

Here is a list of four simple ways we can work together to help make grocery shopping a safer experience. We hope you will take these into consideration during your next visit to Heinen's:

Continue to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines
Be mindful of others around you. We have posted several signs at each location reminding customers and associates to practice social distancing in all areas of the store, including in the aisles and parking lot. There are floor markers near checkouts to ensure our customers are maintaining 6 feet of distance from one another.

We have also installed protective shields at all registers and make announcements over our PA system every 30 minutes to further encourage social distancing practices.

Shop Alone If Possible
This will help us limit the total number of people in our stores at the same time. We recognize everyone has different circumstances but ask that you consider shopping alone—one person per household—rather than with your family or in a group.

Try Shopping at Different Times of Day and Limit Trips
Our deliveries arrive throughout the day, and we are constantly working to replenish product. So feel free to vary the time you choose to shop. It’s also helpful to consolidate your shopping trips to limit the number of times you visit the store each week.

Practice Patience and Compassion
We are here to support you. But it’s also important to remember we’re all in this together. Kindness and courtesy to others helps everyone’s shopping trips go smoothly. One thing we can do to support each other is to purchase only what we need and leave the rest for other customers. Our suppliers have not given us any reason to expect long-term product shortages.