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Contactless Payments at Heinen’s

Customer using contactless payment at Heinen's using their cell phone

Have You Tried Contactless Payment?

Take advantage of technology to make shopping safer and easier! Did you know we accept more than 30 forms of contactless payment? From Apple Pay to Google Pay, it’s easier than ever to purchase your groceries touch-free.

New to contactless payment? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Look for the contactless payment icon on the payment terminal screen.

Contactless payment pinpad

2. Hold the top of your phone or digital payment card a few inches above the payment terminal screen.

Contactless payment can be completed using a phone

3. Hold your phone in place until payment is confirmed.

Contactless payment completion with cell phone


Interested in learning more? Check out these helpful tutorials from contactless payment providers to get started.

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