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Wild Alaskan Salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon Season

How Fresh is Our Wild Alaskan Salmon?

Overnight Fresh.

Wild, Alaskan Salmon Season is here. In the waters of Alaska yesterday, at Heinen’s today.

Throughout the summer we will feature the magnificent varieties of fresh, wild salmon direct from Alaska’s bays and rivers. The seasonal catch includes the best salmon from across the great state of Alaska.

Always Sustainably Sourced - Direct from Alaska

The seafood industry is Alaska’s largest private sector employer, so Alaskans understand the need to protect the fisheries and surrounding habitats for future generations. Effective, precise management efforts ensure that Alaska’s fisheries are productive, sustainable, clean, and healthy – as mandated by state law.

Since admittance as the 49th state in 1959, Alaska has served as a world leader in sustainable fisheries management practices. In fact, Alaska is the only state with a constitutional mandate stipulating that all fish ―"…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle."

Our Alaskan Salmon is wild caught and sustainably sourced by experienced fishermen from places like these:

Copper River

The much anticipated opening of the 300-mile Copper River marks the official start of Wild Alaskan Salmon season in mid-May each year. The icy glacial waters and intense currents of the Copper River produce salmon prized around the world for rich flavor and high omega-3 content.

Yukon River

The pristine waters of the Yukon River originate in the glaciers of Northwest British Columbia, Canada and flow steadily for more than 2000 miles through Canada's Yukon Territory and snaking through Central Alaska before emptying into the Bering sea.

Kuskokwim River

The 900-mile Kuskokwim River flows southwest through the state of Alaska, emptying into the Bering Sea near the town of Bethel, Alaska which is only accessible by sea or air. Fresh salmon is shipped directly to market from the Bethel airport which has the third busiest airport in the state.

Get to Know Alaska Salmon

Take a look in the seafood case and you'll see different varieties of salmon like King, Coho and Sockeye, but what's the difference? Size differences are apparent from a quick glance. Other factors that can't be seen are texture, flavor and nutritional content. The most popular varieties of salmon vary slightly in these ways but any salmon you take home from Heinen's is sure to be the freshest and best tasting around.

Wild King Salmon

King Salmon

Also known as Chinook Salmon, King Salmon is the largest and most sought after species of Pacific Salmon. King Salmon are large with an average size of 20 lbs. up to 50 lbs. and generally have the highest concentration of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids of all the wild Pacific Salmon species.

Fire up the grill, grab a glass of wine and try this:
Fresh Grilled Salmon Two Ways

Wild King Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Exceptional rich flavor and firm flesh make Sockeye a popular variety of salmon. Like its wild Pacific counterparts, Sockeye is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is a lean source of protein. Sockeye are typically a smaller species of salmon at around 6 lbs. average weight. Sockeye is great for nearly all cooking methods.

Looking for a fresh salmon recipe? This quick and easy recipe is perfect for you:
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with Spinach

Wild King Salmon

Coho Salmon

Sometimes called Silver Salmon, Coho is a smaller variety of salmon with an average weight of 8-12 lbs. Coho Salmon like other species is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids and is also low in cholesterol, making it an extremely desirable species of salmon. Coho Salmon has a beautiful orange-red and firm flesh and is typically sold whole & in steaks and fillets.

Eat in like you're eating out with this great recipe:
Pan Roasted Salmon with Ratatouille & White Wine Butter

There’s no better time to enjoy fresh, delicious salmon than right now as Alaska’s wild salmon run begins. And, you’ll be wild about our selection; it’s the best around.

Fresh caught, wild Alaskan salmon is arriving at our stores 6 days a week. Enjoy!

***Photos and additional information graciously provided by Alaska Seafood -***