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Training & Development


Heinen’s Professional Service Development Program
Five sessions of varying length and a tour of our food production and distribution facilities
Who Qualifies?
All associates qualify to attend
Program Goal
The goal is to have every associate attend this class. The program introduces our people to self-leadership, goal setting, and highlights the Heinen’s culture of service. Additionally, the student is introduced to basic score carding and the role they play in the success of the team. There is a focus on the ability and responsibility to take “ownership” of self. By understanding this responsibility a solid foundation is laid for becoming a Retail Professional, a Sales Merchant and a Business Person.

“The Informal Leader” Interpersonal Development
Four – 3 Hour Sessions
Who Qualifies?
The target audience for this program is our high proficient or role model associates. Individuals that demonstrate strong interpersonal leadership skills. This provides entry level associates an opportunity to develop additional interpersonal skills.
Program Goal
Every associate plays a part in the overall success of the team. Our informal leaders are invaluable to the success of our company. The goal of Interpersonal Development is to develop interpersonal leadership skills with a strong emphasis on communication, building stronger teams, elevate associate satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

“Formal Leadership” Development
Eight – 3 Hour Sessions
Who Qualifies?
Bench strength associates and/or newly appointed management associates to Heinen’s leadership philosophy.
Program Goal
The overall goal of this course is to reinforce the accountabilities for Heinen leaders by providing clear expectations and added coaching skills. As a company of self-leaders, we must primarily develop our people to take ownership of their assignments, departments and customers. This includes taking personal responsibility for our attitudes and behaviors. As leaders, we must set the pace and truly understand where we are and where we intend on going.