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Heinen's Dairy Products

Half and Half Cottage Cheese

We've always taken great care in sourcing the best quality products for our stores. Our Heinen's brand products are no exception, across our stores you'll find hundreds of products bearing the Heinen's name and you can rest assured that they've been sourced with quality in mind. Our ever expanding line of Heinen's dairy items including our selection of premium organic and all natural products and they're all carefully selected and we're proud to have them wear the Heinen’s name.

Next time your in one of our stores, be sure to check out these great Heinen's products:

  • Heinen's Organic Milk
  • Heinen's Half and Half
  • Heinen's Cottage Cheese *New
  • Heinen's Premium Organic Orange Juice
  • Heinen's Greek Yogurt
  • Heinen's Soft Flavored Cream Cheeses
  • Heinen's All Natural

  • and many more...