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Pick Your Protein

Items available in Heinen's meat case

Discover the variety of tender and flavorful seasonal cuts and ready-to-cook items are available in Heinen’s Meat Department. Simply visit the meat counter, pick your protein and have a delicious, hearty meal on the table in no time. 

Please note that varieties and flavors may vary by store.



Beef Inside Out
Beef with Two Brothers Seasoning
Beef BBQ Cheddar
Beef Blue Cheese
Jalapeno Blitz
Beef Montreal
Beef Pepper Bacon
Beef Steakhouse
Chicken Bruschetta
Chicken Buffalo
Chicken Parmesan
Pork Bacon Andouille
Turkey Inside Out
Turkey Bruschetta
Turkey Buffalo
Turkey Goat Cheese
Veal Bruschetta
Italian Sausage with Green Pepper


80% Lean Beef
Turkey Goat Cheese
Chicken Buffalo
Beef Blue Cheese
Beef with Two Brothers Seasoning
Beef BBQ Cheddar
Beef Inside Out
Beef with Steakhouse Seasoning
Beef Montreal
Beef Bruschetta
Beef Loin Steak

Stuffed Peppers

Cubanelle with Chorizo & Manchego
Cubanelle with Heinen's Mild Sausage
Ancient  with Chorizo & Manchego
Ancient with Heinen's MIld Sausage
Hungarian with Chorizo & Manchego
Hungarian with Heinen's Hot Sausage

Organic Burgers

Organic Beef Mushroom Cheddar
Turkey Mushroom Spinach

Marinated Beef

Flank Chimichurri
Flank Ancho Beer
Chipotle Skirt
Skirt Teriyaki
Skirt Ancho Beer
Skirt Chimichurri
Coul Chimichurri
Coul Ancho Beer
Satay Teriyaki

Marinated Pork

Asian Pork Belly
Maple Brined Pork Belly
Tender Black Bean
Tender Two Brothers Seasoning
Tender Teriyaki
Tender Garlic Pepper
Tender Tahitian
Tender Herb Dijon
Back Ribs Cherry Chipotle
Maple Brined Pork Chop

Marinated Poultry

Meyer Lemon Chicken
Curry Jerk Chicken
Black Bean Chicken Breast
Herb Dijon Chicken Breast
Italian Chicken Breast
Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Breast
Teriyaki Chicken Breast
Mandarin Chicken Breast
Satay Italian
Satay Teriyaki
Hawaiian Thigh
Smokehouse Thigh
Maple Brined Thigh
Male Brined Split Breast

Fresh Sausage

Cheddar Brat
Tomato Asiago
Chicken Spinach Feta
Hot Italian
Mild Italian
Blueberry Maple


Bison Burger
Bison Blackbean Skirt
Bison Chipotle Skirt
Bison Skirt Steaks
Hanger Black Bean
Hanger Chipotle
Hanger Teriyaki
Hanger Steaks
Tomahawk Chop


Beef BBQ
Beef Black Bean
Beef Kabobs
Beef Teriyaki
Bacon Pineapple
Chicken Sun-Dried
Chicken Italian
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Kabob
Pork Hawaiian
Pork Mandarin
Pork Bacon Wrapped

Flavored Bacon

Maple Cinnamon
Orange Chipotle
Sweet & Smoky

Plant Protein Burger

Mediterranean Chickpea
Sante Fe Chickpea
Veggie Black Bean


Chicken Lemon Herb
Beef Oyster Steak
Beef Bistro Filet
Strip Loin Roast
Strip Fillet
Ranch Steaks