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Eat Yourself Super

Assorted superfoods

What is a Superfood?

Superfoods are calorie-sparse, nutrient-dense, health-empowering plant-based foods.

Think eating right is complicated? These simple steps will help get you started:

  • Eat the Rainbow: The more colorful the fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, the better!

    Superstars include berries—especially blueberries— and plenty of fresh, dehydrated or even powdered greens. Greens are the cornerstone to a healthy diet.

  • Switch up Your Protein: Try quinoa and lentils as a meat replacement, as a side, in trail mixes, salads or to replace pasta. Sprouted is a plus and any (or all!) colors are delicious.
  • Balance Your Omegas: Eat Omega 3s such as chia, flax and walnuts. Toss them in oatmeal, salad or smoothies.
  • Snack Smart: Along with veggies and fruits, try raw, sprouted snacks.
  • Manage Your Fats and Sugars: Minimize fats and oils. Reduce your consumption of sugars by avoiding processed carbohydrates and restricting cereal grains (especially wheat).

Smart snacking and eating the rainbow with a focus on greens will assist in purification and detoxification of your body and give your body the nutrients you need. Here’s to a healthier you!