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Italian Wine

Heinen's Exclusive Italian Wine Program
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Italian Wine

Exclusively at Heinen's

For centuries, wine has been an important and celebrated element of the Italian culture and that remains true today. Divided by the Alps and Dolomite Mountains in the north and Apennine Mountains running the length of the country, Italy proudly boasts 20 distinct geographical regions where over 1000 grape varieties are grown. From region to region, Italian wine makers have been producing some of the world’s most recognizable wine for generations.

Our Wine Buyers set off to Italy with a plan: seek out and taste the best possible Italian wines while creating lasting relationships with wine makers that allow Heinen’s to offer the best of the best Italian wines that won't be found anywhere else. Trips like this is what differentiates the Heinen’s wine department. We’re able to find great wine values and offer a wine selection unlike any other retailer...
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Favorite Finds From Italy...

It was our mission to uncover great wine finds from the premier wine producing regions of Italy and to discover the characteristics that make each of these regions so special. From the grapes that wine makers have cultivated for centuries and perfect pairing for your next glass of vino. Explore the Italian regions of Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto & Alto Adige and uncover the best Italian wines available only at Heinen's.