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Bratwurst Hoagie

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Heinen's Bratwurst
SnowFloss Sauerkraut
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Dortmunder Gold Lager - 1 beer
Original Bertman Ball Park Mustard
Schwebel's Italian Roll
Heinen's Classic Potato Salad
Aunt Nellie's Pickled Beets & Onions


1. Heat a wide saute pan with a splash of Heinen's Olive Oil and brown the brats.
2. Add sauerkraut, a sprinkle of sugar (optional) and beer.
3. Cover and cook over medium heat until the brats are cooked through.
4. Smear roll with mustard and place a cooked brat and sauerkraut into the roll.
5. Serve with potato salad and a few pickled beets and onions.


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