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Spanish Wines

Pedrera White Blend

Malavasia, Sauvignon Blanc
Jumilla, Spain
Tasting Notes: Light, bright, fresh, crisp. Dry, with a very pleasant balanced acidity.
Pairs With: Shellfish, Summer Salads, Simple Grilled Shrimp
Similar Wines: Pinot Grigio or
Sauvignon Blanc


Pedrera Red WinePedrera Red "Reserva"

100% Monastrell
Jumilla, Spain
Tasting Notes: 6 months oak-aged "reserve" version of Pedrera Red. More concentrated, excellent depth and finish.
Pairs With: Grilled steaks, barbecued meats/ribs
Similar Wines: Red Zinfandel


Zagalin Red WineZagalin Red 

50% Cariñena (Mazuelo), 25% Garnacha, 25% Syrah
Montsant, Spain
Tasting Notes: 4 months French oak aged; Bright purple color, deeper fuller red wine. Juicy Blackberry notes, gentle tannins, excellent finish
Pairs With: Mushrooms, stews, grilled sausages, heartier grilled steaks
Similar Wines: Zin-based red blend

Zagalin White WineZagalin White Wine

100% Verdejo
Rueda, Spain
Tasting Notes: Intense aromas of white flowers and tropical fruit. Dry, accents of lemon curd and fresh pear.
Pairs With: Grilled veggies, seafood paella, scallops, grilled white fish
Similar Wines: Ripe, unoaked chardonnay with balanced acidity

Pedrera RedPedrera Red

100% Monastrell
Jumilla, Spain
Tasting Notes: No oak age; aromatic red, concentrated red fruits that develop into flavors of spiced blackberries on finish. Try chilling slightly.
Pairs With: Salmon, simple grilled meats like pork chops, harder cheeses
Similar Wines: Like a simple, unoaked fruity petite sirah

Juramento WineJuramento

100% Tinto De Toro (Tempranillo)
Castilla Y Leon, Spain
Tasting Notes: Complex nose, showing notes of bacon, savory rich aromas, some spice, black licorice, dark red fruits
Pairs With: Bacon-wrapped steaks, mushrooms, rich earthy sauces
Similar Wines: Big, earthy Syrah



Portuguese Wines

Crasto Superior RedQuinta Do Crasto Superior Red

Douro, Portugal

Tasting Notes: Attractive aromas of fresh wild berry fruit and elegant notes of spices. Balanced on the palate, evolving into a wine with a serious backbone, excellent volume and a fine texture made of velvety tannins.
Similar Wines: Bordeaux Red


Quinta Do Crasto Douro White WineQuinta Do Crasto Douro White

Douro, Portugal
Tasting Notes: Lots of freshness on the nose, showing lively aromas of citrus fruit and delicate notes of orange blossom. The palate is elegant, with an excellent volume and texture underpinned by vibrant notes of minerality.
Similar Wines: Like a fresh Viognier from California


Mariana White WineHerdade De Rocim Mariana White

Alentejo, Portugal
Tasting Notes: Rich in fruit with exuberant tropical notes. Freshness,
minerality and a good volume in the mouth with a balanced acidity.
Similar Wines: Chardonnay 


Herdade do Rocim Touriga NacionalHerdade Do Rocim Touriga Nacional

Alentejo, Portugal
Tasting Notes: Deep ruby and violet color. Fresh and mineral. Floral notes typical from the
grape variety and spicy notes from the barrel aging. Soft and silky tannins.
Similar Wines: Like a more serious Petite Sirah; dark!


Rocim Amphorae WineHerdade De Rocim "Amphorae"

Alentejo, Portugal
Tasting Notes: In the nose it shows black cherry, raspberry, plum and some vegetable. 
Similar Wines: Complex Pinot Noir, almost Burgundy-like



Quinta Do Crasto Douro Red

Douro, Portugal
Tasting Notes: Dark ruby in color, with excellent aroma expressiveness, showing notes of fresh red fruit and
elegant floral notes reminiscent of violets. Seductive on the palate.

Similar Wines: Cabernet Franc-heavy Meritage blend

Mariana Red WineHerdade Do Rocim Mariana Red

Tasting Notes: Deep ruby colour. An exuberant aroma of red berries. Round tannins and full

Similar Wines: Simple, dry red blends from california; Red Zin-based.


Seaside Vinho Verde WineSeaside Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde, Portugal
Tasting Notes: Fresh, light, white flowers. Simple, easy to drink, pleasantly crisp and dry.
Similar Wines: Sauvignon blanc or Pinot Grigio, simple and light