My Store:

Zest Fest

Northeast Ohio & Chicago Stores

Friday, February 17–Saturday, February 18 -and- Friday, February 24–Saturday, February 25 
11 a.m.–3 p.m.

Downtown Cleveland Store 

Monday, February 19–Tuesday, February 20 -and- Monday, February 26–Tuesday, February 27
11 a.m.–3 p.m.

It may be cold out, but don’t worry — Citrus Season is here to brighten your day! Please join us at Zest Fest, our sunny celebration of all things citrus. 


             Demos & Tastings                                                 Beer Collaborations                                                  Recipes & Videos
          Sample a variety of citrus                                Try exclusive blood orange collaborations                            Feeling inspired? Check out great
         fruits & recipes using citrus,                                     with our partner breweries: "My                                       citrus recipes here and here for 
        try our fresh-squeezed juices                                       Bloody Imperial Valentine"                                        ways to add some sunshine to your
(including our limited-time-only Blood                         in partnership with Platform Brewing                                    plate. Be sure to share them on 
  Orange juice) & sip mimosas while (at Cleveland stores) & "Bloody social media if you try them. (Use                      you shop.  Shame" in partnership with Ten                                         the hashtags #ZestFest or 
                                                                                         Ninety Brewing (at Chicago stores.)                                                 #Heinens.)