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6 Tips for Staying Healthy During The School Year

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How do you keep your child safe in public settings? How do you boost their immune system? These are all questions parents ponder as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Very soon, many kids will return to in-person school. For some, this may be the first time they’ve entered a classroom in over a year, which will require a level of awareness for wellness that wasn’t previously necessary. If you’re searching for additional ways to keep your child safe and healthy this year, below are a few wellness considerations for back-to-school season.

Pack Clean Snacks
Unhealthy, processed snacks made with refined sugar and white flour can increase oxidative stress and inflammation, which can weaken the immune system. Swap out snack cakes for Larabars and Whoa Dough. Larabars have few ingredients, are dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and taste great. Whoa Dough bars are delicious, allergen friendly and made without artificial ingredients. Both are great options for keeping kids full between meals.

Keep Hand Sanitizer on-Hand
A small bottle of hand sanitizer fits perfectly into backpacks and pockets. According to the CDC, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol is an excellent option between hand washes.

Hand Sanitizer, Wellness Bars and PowerPaks

Consider a Multivitamin
Multivitamins are full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies function correctly, which can make them a great addition to child’s back to school wellness routine. If you’re interested in a kid friendly multivitamin, here are a few to consider. As always, please consult your child’s primary care physician before adding any supplements into their regimen.

  • MegaFood Kids One Daily Multivitamin Soft Chews contain vitamins C, E, beta carotene and more. Its iron, calcium and magnesium-free, certified non-GMO, gluten, dairy and soy-free and vegetarian. This multivitamin is ideal for children four years and older.
  • Garden of Life mykind Organics Kids Gummy Vitamins contain essential nutrients and antioxidants with no synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colors. The vegan formula is Certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher.

Stock up on Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps keep the body healthy and strong. Our immune systems need it. Pack an extra serving of fruit in your little one’s lunch. For older teens, try Trace Minerals Power Pak. The clean formula is non-GMO, contains 1200 mg of Vitamin C and so much more. The Power Pak is vegan, gluten-free and available in several tasty flavors.


Use Flowers to Boost Moods
Fresh flowers will help kids start their day with a smile because they make us happy. Research suggests that flowers boost moods, improve concentration and productivity and reduce stress levels. Clear your mind and increase focus with a fresh bouquet.


Enjoy Aromatherapy
Consider adding aromatherapy to your morning routine. Root’s Seeking Balance collection offers an Energize Rosemary Eucalyptus candle and many others.

A Random's Life, Nic Abrams
By Nic Abraham
Nic Abraham is a holistic lifestyle and wellness enthusiast who runs the lifestyle blog, A Random’s Life. Her goal is to encourage women to make the necessary changes that lead to a healthier home and life.

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